2016 GeGI Paper NCT_Paper_20160429_EH.pdf OR http://www.cbrneportal.com/radioactive-threat-vision-via-quantitative-gamma-ray-imaging/

2014 IAEA Paper 2014_12_15_Paper.pdf

2014 LLNL Chicago Report (Find HEU in building across the street) https://e-reports-ext.llnl.gov/pdf/777627.pdf

2018 Final IAEA Report from October 2015 Workshop: GeGI is detector 4 the ORNL GeGI with coded aperture is detector 7. 


2016 Radiochemistry Separation 225Ra and 225Ac - 20180301_Isotope_separation_with_GeGI.pdf

2017 Sellafield - GeGI is selected for immediate purchase after evaluating 9 other gamma imaging systems Gamma_Imaging.pdf and Decommissioning_Capability_Development_in_16-17.pdf

2018 March NNSA GeGI article: dnn_sentinel_4_1_final_web.pdf

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