PHDS Co. performs specialized gamma-ray imaging measurements using the Germanium Gamma-ray Imager (GeGI) detection and imaging system. GeGI is a germanium-semiconductor imaging detector system that provides identification, location, and quantification of radioactive materials. GeGI provides the highest fidelity radiological assay information including the best gamma-ray energy resolution and spatial localization of any existing technology, including gamma-ray energy resolution of ~0.3% FWHM at 662 keV and angular location resolution ~ +/-1 degree. The GeGI is a mechanically cooled, portable system well-suited to field operations. As the exclusive manufacturer of GeGI, PHDS Co. is the exclusive measurement service provider for gamma-ray assay using the GeGI.

PHDS Co. Detector Specialists will travel to your site to conduct high-resolution quantitative gamma-ray imaging assay. PHDS Co. writes detailed reports documenting your assay. Alternatively, if a hands-off approach is desired, PHDS Co. will setup GeGI, verify GeGI operation, and provide on-site training before turning the GeGI over to your team to make your own measurements. 

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