Warranty and Service

Additional Factory Warranty/Service plan

The additional Factory Warranty/Service plan includes:

1. Telephone service: Unlimited telephone and email technical support with priority response.

2. Factory repair service: Parts and labor to repair any problems that occur under “normal instrument use.” Contact the factory for conditions excluded from “normal instrument use.”

Note: Any intervention or interrogation within the outer case of the detector system or power supply automatically voids this component of the Warranty/Service plan unless the steps in item 5 are properly executed.

3. Priority service: Priority service when repairs are required. All repairs require shipment to the factory.

4. GeGI Checkup Service: Up to two per year remote GeGI checkups are provided to verify proper operation at the customer site or a demonstration site. The remote GeGI checkups will be conducted with the GeGI at the customer site using the installed Team Viewer remote control software app on the tablet or laptop supplied with the GeGI. The tablet and laptop must be available on the open internet to provide the GeGI checkup. Customer personnel must be present with the GeGI during the checkup to physically switch the power on-off as instructed over the phone by PHDS Co. service personnel. Gamma-ray check sources will need to be present. The checkup will include any required calibration, software upgrades, FPGA code upgrades, and on-line (and telephone) training regarding any new features installed. The GeGI checkups will be scheduled at the customer’s convenience.

5. Safety and Security Service: This service provides assistance with safety and security interrogations of the detector system that are required for entry into secure areas. If mechanical or electronic intervention is to occur for the sake of safety and security protocols, the customer must seek out and use this service to preserve the other warranty features (particularly item 2).. The Safety and Security service can be performed remotely, at the customer’s chosen site, using the telephone and internet, with sufficient advanced warning. The safety and security service can also be performed at the factory including customer personnel, if convenience allows.

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